How To Dress Your New Assets

tailored styling tips on karidis

tailored styling tips on karidis

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to go for it. Whether you’re all healed, are waiting on your surgery date or still in the research stage, you are not alone. Over 11,000 boob jobs were performed in the UK last year making it the most popular type of cosmetic surgery. But what happens after all the excitement, the healing and the dropping and fluffing? A breast augmentation brings new confidence and a feeling of sexiness and youth but it can also completely change your body shape.

As an image consultant I work with clients on the way that they dress, helping them to achieve the same type of confidence. When you are confident within yourself, people will put their confidence in you. I teach my clients how essential it is to be versatile – dress for the occasion and play up or play down your blessings and flaws.  First impressions are made within seven seconds, so being aware of how to dress for your body shape and how to dress to create a specific impression is such an invaluable tool.

After you’ve had your surgery, your body shape will most likely fall into one of three categories – the hourglass, the oval or the inverted triangle. All three have different proportions but have a large bust in common. Ladies with small boobs can pretty much wear anything but when you have a fuller figure it’s a little more complicated.

Luckily there are a whole host of tricks and tips to deceive the eye and accentuate your new assets or diminish them when you’re feeling a little more demure. Here are some of my top tips I share with my clients who are blessed in the chest department…

1. Get the right bra – Start as you mean to go on because this is essential after surgery. See an expert, get measured and get help with the fitting. A bra should be invisible under your clothing so buy a selection of styles, fabrics and colours to ensure you have a bra that works with every outfit. Full cup or balconette tend to work best for larger breasts and T-shirts bras are essential for tight clothing, as lace will show through.

For days when you don’t feel like flaunting your assets a non-underwire triangle bra will give less uplift and hold your breasts lower, making your chest appear smaller. Try to stick to blacks, whites and nudes during the day and keep brighter colours to wear under thick fabrics or in the bedroom. If you can’t find the right bra to wear under a particular dress or top, don’t be afraid to go braless – it’s what you bought them for.

2. Separates are your friend – More than likely after breast surgery you will be two different sizes on the top and the bottom. This can prove a problem when buying tight fitting dresses. Instead of suffering with a squashed bust or excess fabric around the waist, opt for a skirt and top of the same colour to create the illusion of a dress that fits perfectly to your bust, waist and bum.

3. Biker Jackets, sleeveless jackets and non-lapel blazers will hide your boobs – After your recovery period you will quickly learn that pretty much everything you wear will look sexy now you have boobs. This is great, but you may not always want to flaunt this. Remember to dress for the occasion and when you’re at work or visiting the in-laws you do not want to be remembered just for your assets. A biker jacket, non-lapel blazer or tailored sleeveless vest will skim straight over your chest, making it appear to be much smaller than it is. Be sure to wear these open; it’s much more flattering.

4. Boyfriend jeans are a great alternative to skinnies – Skinny jeans and a nice top will look fabulously sexy with your new boobs, but for casual days boyfriend jeans are a great option. A high waist with a little bagginess around the hips and bum will add volume to your bottom half, balancing you out and creating the perfect hourglass figure.

5. Loosely tuck in T-Shirts to keep your silhouette streamlined – Once your throw-it-on staple; t-shirts are tricky ground for big-busted girls. Avoid the tent look in baggy T-Shirts by loosely tucking in at the front. This will define your waist and get rid of excess fabric that tends to hand outwards of your true shape when you have boobs.

6. A-line or fit and flare skirts and dresses create balance – Opting for a shape that flares back out on the bottom half gives symmetry to your top half. Your body will look balanced and perfectly proportionate.

7. Wear a size up in shirts – We’ve all seen an overweight man who should have gone for the size up in his shirt. DO NOT be this person, it’s easier than you would expect when you have a healthy sized chest. Go for the size up in shirts and re-style the excess fabric to avoid bagginess. Tuck in loosely or tie-up at the front and roll your sleeves to just under your elbows – for a bigger bust it’s imperative you define your waist.

8. Avoid fabrics that show signs of stretching – The only thing worse than a too-tight shirt is a top that is very obviously stretched to its limits.  Avoid ribbing, tight knits or heavily patterned colourful knits that will show signs of stretching over your bust.

9. High necklines exaggerate your boobs – a V-neck or scoop neck will make them seem smaller. A high neckline or turtleneck will dramatically exaggerate the size of your boobs – that’s not to say this should be avoided, just bear this in mind according to what and whom you are dressing for. A V-neck or scoop neck that shows a little skin on your chest is very flattering. It will show off your chest without it seeming dis-proportionate.

10. Avoid bulkiness – Any kind of extra bulk or fabric will make you look bigger so avoid things like chunky knits, ruffles or jackets with wide lapels at all costs.

11. Get your sleeve length right – Sleeves lengths are way overlooked as they have the power to completely change the way a woman’s silhouette appears. Short sleeves accentuate the breast and shoulder area – your best option is sleeveless with a thicker strap for balance or the ever-flattering ¾ sleeve.

12. Boxy tops are for boyish figures – Boxy tops are a great work wear staple but they are not for women with breasts. Ever.  With this cut the fabric will drop down from your widest part and make you appear quite a few sizes bigger than you actually are. Your breasts will also cause the top to ride up and leave you awkwardly pulling it back down all day. Avoid at all costs.

13. Keep it on the low –  If you want to distract from your boobs, wear a print, bright colour or heavy detailing on your bottom half. A skirt with large pockets for example will draw eyes away from your chest to your skirt.

14. Plunging necklines are slimming – Lastly; do not believe the rumor that busty girls cannot wear plunging necklines. A deep V is extremely slimming and there are many ways to hold yourself in. Tape or a deep plunge bra will ensure you don’t suffer from any embarrassing slips. Flaunting your brand new assets may feel daunting at first, but you didn’t invest to keep them hidden all the time.

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