How to Get Rid of Man Boobs

how to get rid of man boobs

Man boobs, known medically as gynaecomastia, is thought to affect 30% of men post-puberty, although is much more common in men over the age of 50 – the reported prevalence is up to 70% due to the general decline in testosterone levels. 

For all those using this lockdown to really commit to their health and fitness resolutions this January, is it possible to get rid of moobs without surgery? 

How to get rid of man boobs naturally

True gynaecomastia means the enlargement of glandular tissue in the male chest, but for many men it’s the result of an increase of fatty tissue in the chest area. So, losing weight should always be your first step.

Research has also shown that it can even help to reduce glandular tissue:  a study in the International Journal of Andrology suggests this “may be the result of increased conversion of testosterone to oestradiol (potent oestrogenic hormone) in increased adipose tissue mass.” So, losing weight could reduce levels of hormones that are behind your man boobs.

  • Ditch the booze: as well as being hugely calorific, alcohol can also suppress testosterone production so could play a role in your gynaecomastia.
  • Eat a balanced diet: drastically reducing your calorie intake isn’t ideal for many reasons but it can also affect testosterone levels.
  • Up the weights: according to research published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology, which looked at the hormonal response to heavy resistance exercise, “levels of testosterone significantly increased after heavy resistance training”.

However, for many men, diet and exercise fails to improve the appearance of moobs. Sometimes, excess glandular tissue can often appear more prominent the more you build up the chest muscles. Male breast reduction surgery is often the only solution to producing a more aesthetically pleasing contour to the chest.

How to get rid of puffy nipples

 Puffy nipples have a prominent cone shape and, even if the chest area is relatively flat, puffy nipples can push forward and be highly visible under clothing. No amount of diet and exercise can improve their appearance and they are commonly associated with ‘true’ gynaecomastia as they are usually due to an excess of glandular tissue behind the areola.

Treatment with liposuction alone will not address the issue of puffy nipples as the glandular tissue is not removed. Whether you’re just suffering from puffy nipples or the whole chest area is enlarged, a male breast reduction is typically the appropriate solution. 

Mr Alex Karidis explains how to get your best results from your gynaecomastia surgery

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