“miraDry gives me the confidence to work closely with my clients”

miraDry results

Personal trainer Nicholas Polo explains how miraDry has changed his life:

I’m a personal trainer in London and part of what I do is women’s combat self-defence which involves a lot of physical contact and activity. Mainly because of that and because I sweated more than the average person, I was always self-conscious when I came into close contact with people. Especially when I had clients back-to-back and didn’t have time to shower or to change clothes between clients.

So, for many years I’ve been looking for a solution. I’ve tried a lot of deodorants and some worked better than others, but it was always a problem for me. Then about two years ago when I was doing more research, I came across miraDry. When I looked to where it was offered in London, Karidis Clinic popped up.

I was familiar with the clinic because I’d had a procedure done there years before and I felt much more comfortable having the procedure. I had my consultation with Suzi and she explained the whole procedure. She also told me she’d had miraDry herself and it was comforting to know that the person who recommends it has had it done.

I booked my appointment and the experience probably took about 90 minutes in all. It’s not invasive and I felt no pain. There was maybe a little bit of numbness under the arm which is normal and goes away after a couple of days. I was still active and, apart from the day of the procedure, I was training clients and cycling.

People have asked what it’s like because surely it’s normal to sweat. However, I’d done my research and I knew that we have about two to four million sweat glands in our body, so I knew I’d still have lots of places to sweat from even if I no longer sweated from my underarms

And it’s been great. It’s just amazing that you’re born with this thing to sweat and then one day, boom it’s gone. I looked it up and about two per cent of people genetically don’t sweat or rather they don’t have the bacteria in their skin that causes the odour. So now I guess I’m in the two per cent. I would definitely recommend miraDry to anyone.

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