Injectables review: Refinery 29 visits Karidis Clinic for a ‘subtle refresh’

Wrinkle Smoothing Injection Results

Refinery29 beauty editor Jacqueline Kilikita recently visited Karidis Clinic for a ‘subtle refresh’ with Wrinkle Smoothing Injections and gave us a rave review.

“I have a natural frown and in the past people have told me that I look moody and unapproachable. (Charming, I know.) I also moved into a new place last month and the bathroom light is intense. When applying makeup, I noticed that my foundation would settle into the lines in my forehead and no amount of blending would smooth them away. Perhaps they were always there and I’d just been getting ready in the dark this whole time. Then again, I’m 30 at the end of the year and have noticed my skin changing.”

Jacqueline decided to visit our new aesthetic practitioner and highly experienced injector Dr Emily Strong to discuss her options. Emily explained how Wrinkle Smoothing Injections work and how to keep it totally natural.

“There is a degree in which we can administer the product depending on how much of a reduction of movement you want. We can use very low doses to get you that effect, just to reduce the movement and to give you a very natural look.”

Dr Emily explained that it’s always better to start with a little bit less. “We appreciate that you might want to have a bit of movement and sometimes it’s a fine balance to achieve. It’s better to inject less so that you can add more at the next appointment if you wish, rather than doing too much to begin with.”

Jacqueline’s judgement on her Wrinkle Smoothing Injection results

Wrinkle Smoothing Injection Before and Afters“I’m very expressive and my face tells a thousand words. If I don’t like something, you’ll see it before you hear about it. That’s why it was important to retain some sort of movement. I can raise my eyebrows perfectly fine, for example (which is important to show that I disapprove of the laundry piling up).

“Every day since, my face has appeared fresher. The skin around my forehead and brows looks plump and hydrated and my eyebrows themselves look 10 times better. They’re lifted in all the right places, so much so that I don’t need to sketch in an arch. My foundation sits so smoothly now, too, and I feel I need much less of it.

“I’m a convert. In fact, I’d be intrigued to see how the procedure works on the lower areas of the face, such as smile lines or even crow’s feet.”

For more advice on Wrinkle Smoothing Injections or to discuss any of our anti-ageing options with Dr Emily Strong, call 0207 432 8727 to arrange a consultation.