Karidis Clinic Give Sun Journalist the Love Island Treatment

Karidis Clinic London CoolSculpting Treatment in the Sun

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ITV has rolled out its first winter offering of  Love Island, launched just after the festive season when none of us is feeling particularly beach body ready.

Just before the last series, the Mental Health Foundation surveyed more than 4,500 young people about body image and the impact of shows such as Love Island. Almost a quarter of people (24%) aged 18 to 24 said these shows made them concerned about their body image.

And now even older viewers are feeling the persuasive effect of reality TV and men, in particular, feels it’s creating an aesthetic ideal of toned pecs and six-pack abs. Sun journalist Nick Harding recently underwent a 12-week journey to find out if it’s possible to achieve a buff Love Island body at age 50.

“When I began my journey 12 weeks ago, I wasn’t totally out of shape. My diet was fairly healthy and I worked out five times a week, but I did enjoy a takeaway and the occasional pint or two. As a result, my stomach muscles were shy, preferring to hide under a stubborn layer of flab, and my biceps were like Kia Picantos – small and functional, but lacking power or flair.”

Nick signed up with elite endurance athlete trainer Paul Roberts who put him through 12 electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) sessions. Taking just 20 minutes, electrodes cause the muscles to contract, thereby toning them up. After a month, Nick could see a difference in his clothes but his abs remained elusive, so he turned to Karidis Clinic to help and underwent a CoolSculpting session with our aesthetic practitioner Maxine.

Complimenting his CoolSculpting results, Nick also opted for teeth whitening, all-over body wax and a spray tan: “When my 12 weeks are up, I strip off in front of the mirror and grin. I’m no longer a pale, hairy Mr Average, but have a chiselled Love Island bod. My waist looks narrower, and my muscles are leaner and more defined, while my teeth are gloriously white and there’s not a stray hair in sight.”

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