“People just comment how well I look all the time and that’s the mark of good surgery”

Breast implant replacement and eyelid lift combo cosmetic surgery

Three years ago, Sam underwent a breast implant replacement and eyelid lift at the same time. Here she explains why she decided to undergo a combination procedure and how she has enjoyed the benefits of double surgery.

I’d had breast implants 23 years before with a different surgeon. They were the soya implants, so I needed to have them removed. After twenty plus years your body changes and my breast tissue had slipped down. Although they looked fine with clothes on, I just wasn’t happy with them.

I didn’t want a breast uplift as I didn’t want any more scarring on the breast, particularly around the nipples. I had been back to my original surgeon to discuss my breast implant replacement and he was unsure whether he could do the operation without further scarring, so I didn’t feel very confident.

A couple of my friends had been to Alex and one particular friend admitted over lunch one day that she’d had an eyelid lift. I thought she looked fantastic and my eyes had been something that had been bothering me for a while. However, I was unsure about having an eyelid lift as the eyes are so visible and I was worried about scarring.

I decided to see Alex to discuss both my eyes and breasts as I’d been so impressed with the work he’d done on my friend.

Once I met him, I was filled with confidence. He said he could absolutely do the breast uplift without any extra scarring and use the original incisions. He also discussed what he could do with my eyes and we discussed doing it in one operation as I was keen to minimise recovery time.

The care I had from Alex and everyone at Karidis Clinic from the very first moment was amazing and totally put me at ease. I woke up and can honestly say I had no pain and came home the same day.

My boobs were phenomenal and looked so natural. We choose a different shape and slightly bigger implant to provide a bit of uplift although I didn’t have to change bra size.

Breast implant replacement combined with eyelid liftMy eyes though were the big wow factor. After three days the stitches were out and within a week you couldn’t see any difference. My eyes look really good; I look so fresh and awake and putting make-up on is a breeze. I notice now just how many women my age have sagging around the eyes and how ageing it is and I’m so happy I’ve had it done.

I recommend Alex to everyone and lots of my friends have been to see him now. For anyone contemplating cosmetic surgery at the moment, I would recommend you try and see your surgeon’s work. Make sure you have a connection with them and ask about their aftercare, as I think the care that I received from Karidis Clinic made my experience so rewarding.