“I look in the mirror every single day and still have joy”

Facelift Patient Story

Seven years on from her facelift surgery, Jess explains why it is still the best decision she has ever made.

I had been thinking about a facelift for a few years because I didn’t like the reflection I saw in the mirror and the gap between how I looked and how I felt was just getting wider. I was starting to look like my dad who has very pronounced jowls; although I was only in my 40s and the changes were subtle at that point, I could see where it was going. And then one day I met my sister and she said, oh my gosh, don’t you look like dad. And something inside me just broke and I thought I’ve got to do it.

I’m a normal person; when I’d had my son, I’d given up working for seven years and I wasn’t in the best place financially, so I’m not the sort of person that could just afford surgery without a second thought, but at that moment I had an epiphany. I thought I’ve got to make it happen.

So, I started to look a surgeon. I’m a make-up artist and, for me, the face is all important. I decided I had to find the very best surgeon I could, and money was not going to dictate my choice. I found Mr Karidis through my research and thought that’s my man. And the universe sent me the money as I then had a windfall for the exact amount.

It was a few years of thinking about it, but from deciding I had to do it and having the surgery it was within a year.

It is a leap of faith, but I had absolute faith in Mr Karidis. I had a lower facelift and an upper and lower eyelid lift, so it looked very dramatic immediately after the operation, but I felt fine inside.

I had prepared well for surgery and the recovery period. I took the time to heal and it was almost spiritual. I was documenting my recovery and every day I would take a new photo. The eyes healed very quickly and I felt myself after three weeks. I was back at work and even met my next boyfriend three weeks after surgery and he didn’t even notice I’d had anything done.

It’s been seven years since my procedure and I can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I look in the mirror every single day and still have joy. I love putting on my make-up and catching glimpses of myself in my mirror.

All the things I hated, the sagging of my eyelids, the bags under my eyes and the slack jaw, they have all gone. I still look like a 54-year-old woman, but I look great.

As a make-up artist, I recommend Mr Karidis to everyone I come across. It is life changing. I feel represented now – I look in the mirror and I am that woman.

I would have surgery in the future as maintenance and I wouldn’t think twice about it, but at the moment I am absolutely delighted still. I think it was a really good age to have the facelift.

Mr Karidis produced such an amazingly natural result. If I tell people I have had work done, they are surprised but when I show them the before and afters, they are always amazed at the difference. You shouldn’t notice good plastic surgery.

I did it for personal reasons as my appearance wasn’t what I wanted to see, but it has also benefited me in my work as ultimately people do trust me more. I work in a very visual environment, and people wouldn’t trust me as an authority on looking good, if I had the jowls and puffy bags under my eyes.

My message is always: don’t be frightened, it will be the best thing you’ve ever done.

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