We are hiring! Surgical Nurse position opens at Karidis Clinic

Leading London plastic surgeon

We are looking for a very special person to join the team at Karidis Clinic. We are currently recruiting for a full-time Surgical Nurse to support leading London surgeon Mr Alex Karidis in delivering first-class care to his surgical patients, both before and after their operation.

The degree of quality, safety and care that our patients experience throughout their journey, from initial enquiry to the end result, is very important to the business and we strive to make that service special for each individual.

Here’s what we’re offering…

  • principle hours will be Monday to Friday
  • competitive salary
  • ongoing training and professional development
  • friendly, people-orientated working environment where everyone matters

Here’s who we are looking for…

  • a background in surgical nursing is preferable but not essential
  • two years’ nursing experience is desired
  • someone committed to making sure the patient feels supported throughout their journey

Here’s what you’ll be doing for us…

  • pre-admission checks for each patient
  • ensuring the correct paperwork for the day of surgery is available
  • meeting each patient pre- and post-surgery and answering questions and giving advice
  • making sure appropriate garments/binders/dressings are provided and fitted after surgery
  • discharging from the ward, organising and orchestrating follow-up appointments in clinic for stitch removal, drain removal, dressing removal/change
  • escalating any concerns as appropriate
  • conducting follow-up calls, arranging appointments, putting together discharge letters to GPs, keeping storeroom stocked appropriately, checking the arrest trolley and other essential equipment, attending various meetings within the hospital

Here’s what to do next…

Please call us on 0207 432 8727 or email us at enquiries@karidis.co.uk to find out more.