What conditions can eyelid surgery treat?

Benefits of a blepharoplasty

A blepharoplasty is a popular, highly effective facial rejuvenation procedure, and in the latest UK cosmetic surgery figures, demand from both men and women rocketed by 74% on the previous year’s figures.

Eyelid surgery can treat the upper and lower lids or both at the same time, and it’s both a functional and aesthetic procedure and can treat several conditions.

7 benefits of a blepharoplasty

  1. Look younger: they say the eyes are the window to the soul, and certainly they can give away your age or even make you look older than you are. Whether it’s wrinkles, sagging, dark circles, puffiness or hollows under the eyes, the delicate eye contours often betray late nights, stress and our age. Patients report that they look younger and more rejuvenated almost immediately.
  2. Appear more dynamic: our male and female patients often complain that sagging upper lids or pronounced eye bags and dark circles make them feel exhausted even when they are not. Post-surgery, they typically report that friends, family and work colleagues compliment them on how well-rested and refreshed they look.
  3. Improve eyesight: as well as causing aesthetic concerns, sagging skin around the eyes can reduce side vision, known as your peripheral vision, especially in the upper and outer parts of the visual field. Excess tissue is strategically removed during an upper blepharoplasty to correct visual impairment.
  4. Less forehead wrinkles: if drooping upper eyelids obscure your vision, you probably have to raise your eyebrows to see better. Constant contraction and relaxation of the forehead muscles can cause deep frown lines to form on the brow. Patients often report a smoother forehead after an upper eyelid lift.
  5. Correct inherited concerns: although most of our blepharoplasty patients are older, eyelid surgery can also correct congenital conditions such as ptosis of the upper lid, a genetic predisposition to eyebags, or asymmetry of the eyelid shape.
  6. Less time in front of the mirror: our female patients often report that hooding and sagging skin on the upper lids make it harder to apply make-up. An upper blepharoplasty reduces excess skin and restores the natural crease of the upper lid.
  7. Migraine relief: an upper eyelid lift could also benefit migraine sufferers. In a small US study, 90% of blepharoplasty patients reported a 50% improvement in their migraines; after one year, 50% experienced no migraines. A blepharoplasty is believed to depress specific nerves that can trigger these headaches.

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