How do I know which is the right breast procedure for me?

Which is the right cosmetic breast surgery procedure for me

Whether you have always felt insecure about your lack of breast development, concerned about changes that have occurred over time or because of pregnancy, or you’re uncomfortable with the size of your breasts in relation to your frame, there’s often one aspect of our appearance that we’d like to change. Our breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and, whatever your concern, there is a wide range of cosmetic breast surgery procedures.

Our plastic surgeons can guide you to choose the most appropriate procedure. During your consultation, they will perform an examination and listen carefully to your concerns before offering you advice and informing you of the benefits and potential risks of any procedure you might be contemplating.

Here’s the Karidis Clinic guide to cosmetic breast surgery…

Breast augmentation with implants

This procedure is still consistently the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the UK for women, and implants can be used to restore breast fullness and volume after weight loss, pregnancy or ageing, address asymmetry, produce a degree of lift, or even achieve a new breast shape.

During your consultation with our Karidis Clinic surgeon, you’ll discuss the potential risks and benefits of surgery and cover the factors to consider. This includes the shape, size and type of implants, whether positioned in front of the pectoral muscle, partially in front of the muscle or entirely behind the muscle.

Fat transfer breast augmentation

This procedure aims to increase the size and enhance the shape of the breasts using a woman’s fat rather than with breast implants. Transferring fat to the breasts to augment size and shape is known by several names; it is also called a natural breast augmentation, fat transfer breast augmentation, breast enlargement fat transfer, lipofilling or lipomodelling.

During a fat transfer breast augmentation, small amounts of fat are gently removed using a liposuction cannula. Typically, this is taken from the thighs, abdomen, hips or flanks. The fat is then purified in a centrifuge before it is carefully re-injected into the breasts to sculpt and enhance.

Fat transfer breast augmentation at the Karidis Clinic is performed by our breast expert Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe. During your consultation, he will assess your suitability. This covers whether you are at or near your ideal body weight and have enough excess fat for harvesting. If you desire a significant increase in cup size, breast augmentation with implants may be more appropriate.

Breast lift

Many women desire more volume in their breasts, particularly if they have lost fullness over time. However, careful consideration is the position of the breasts and the degree of ptosis. Breast implants can lift the breasts slightly as they add volume, but your Karidis Clinic surgeon will assess whether a breast lift, also known as mastopexy, either as a standalone procedure or combined with implants, is the most appropriate cosmetic breast surgery procedure.

During the procedure, an incision is made around the areola and a vertical incision down to the mammary fold. Occasionally, a long horizontal incision must be made in the breast crease. Your Karidis Clinic surgeon can remove excess skin, tightening the breast skin envelope. The areola and nipple can also be repositioned to a more youthful position on the breast.

Breast reduction

Living with excessively large breasts can cause many problems, ranging from physical concerns to an adverse impact on a woman’s self-esteem. Some women wish to relieve chronic back, shoulder or neck pain, whereas others wish to make their upper body more proportionate to the rest.

A breast reduction, known as a mammaplasty, is a cosmetic breast procedure to remove excess fat, glandular tissue and skin from the breasts before reshaping and repositioning them. As well as reducing the weight of the breasts, the surgery can also reduce the size and shape of the areola and nipple to produce a more pleasing aesthetic appearance. Women typically report a massive boost to their self-confidence as they are no longer held back by the restrictions of having overly large breasts. We also offer areola reduction and nipple reduction to help achieve a proportional appearance. 

Cosmetic breast surgery can be a life-enhancing procedure that boosts your confidence, and our surgeons can guide you to make the right decision.