Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty – What is it, Benefits & More

What Is Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

The nose is the central, dominant feature of the face and its structure, shape and profile determine the balance of your facial features. A surgical rhinoplasty can change the shape, size, projection, and general appearance of your nose and transform how the nose is seen in relation to your other features.

A rhinoplasty is one of the earliest performed cosmetic surgery procedures and remains consistently popular as it can address nasal form and function. It can have a profound impact on a patient’s self-confidence, in both a positive and, more rarely, in a negative manner. As a result, the non surgical rhinoplasty, or liquid nose job, is becoming increasingly popular alternative to surgery.

What is nonsurgical rhinoplasty?

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty involves the strategic injection of temporary dermal fillers into the nose to address several issues.

The liquid nose job can achieve the following:

  • Smooth out a nasal hump
  • Straighten the nose
  • Build up a flat nasal bridge
  • Make a broad nose appear narrower
  • Sculpt a more pleasing nose tip
  • Reduce the appearance of the nostrils
  • Address asymmetries or depression
  • Camouflage any scars or damage caused by trauma

What is the procedure like?

What is a non surgical nose job is a common question we’re asked at our London cosmetic surgery clinic as we offer both the surgical and non-surgical options.

Our plastic surgeon Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe uses dermal fillers that contain lidocaine, a numbing agent, which will make the experience more comfortable, but numbing cream will also be applied beforehand to ensure this is a totally pain-free procedure.

Using a very fine needle, our aesthetic practitioners will strategically inject very small amounts into precise points of the nose and then carefully sculpt the product. Results are instantaneous and the patient can assess the appearance of their nose immediately.

How long does non surgical rhinoplasty last?

A non surgical rhinoplasty is a temporary procedure, which is generally seen as a plus as it allows you to experiment with nasal reshaping without committing to a life-long transformation.

At Karidis Clinic, we only use gold standard dermal filler products composed of hyaluronic acid. HA is a naturally occurring component in the dermis which gives skin its hydration and plumpness. Overtime our levels of hyaluronic acid start to deplete and causes the visible signs of skin ageing that we see – from lines and wrinkles, loss of volume and poor skin tone.

Leading aesthetic brands developed a modified form of hyaluronic acid which are biocompatible with the body and these dermal fillers have now been safely used for many years for a range of aesthetic uses. More recently, they have been used to sculpt and shape the nose.

As the hyaluronic acid is naturally broken down the body over time, you can expect the results of your non surgical rhinoplasty to last approximately nine to 12 months, although this can vary depending on the individual.

Why should I use non surgical rhinoplasty?

It is not permanent:

Although surgical rhinoplasty has a high satisfaction rate and can also address the function of the nose, it does mean a permanent alteration. If you wish to experiment with subtle enhancements of the nose, then the liquid nose job is ideal.

Lower risk:

All surgical procedures carry the risk of potential complication such as a reaction to the general anaesthetic, bleeding, infection, or permanent asymmetries. A non surgical rhinoplasty means much less risk, although it is still important to consult with a medically qualified and highly experienced practitioner as no procedure is totally risk free.

Faster recovery:

Unlike a surgical nose job, one of the main benefits of the non surgical rhinoplasty is that there is very little downtime. There may be some swelling and redness at the injection sites, but this is minimal and quickly subsides. There may also be some bruising as the nose is very vascular, but this can easily be camouflaged with make-up.

Less expensive:

A non surgical rhinoplasty is much less expensive than surgery, although you will need top-ups regularly if you wish to maintain your results, so that should be considered.

How much does nonsurgical rhinoplasty cost?

Every nonsurgical rhinoplasty Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe performs at Karidis Clinic is a bespoke procedure as it depends on what you are hoping to achieve and your unique anatomy. At your consultation, you will be carefully assessed and then our practitioners can advise you on the price you can expect.

To find out how much your nonsurgical rhinoplasty will cost or ask more questions on the liquid nose job, call 0207 432 8727 to arrange a consultation.