“The things I’m most looking forward to after surgery are simple. Wearing a T-shirt without the prominent display of gynecomastia along with being able to go shirtless or even book a holiday and not have to worry about the sheer embarrassment of my condition. That alongside being back on stage, there’s multiple things I look forward too!”

Daniel had been passionate about health and fitness since he was 14. His trainer encouraged him to perform as a physique athlete and he was hooked, coming second in his first ever competition.

Although he was told that the gynecomastia was visible before starting to perform, he was unaware that it could affect his results, but when he realised it mentally hit him hard.

Dan didn’t like how he looked so started to research ways to get it rectified. Since having surgery he feels like he has been given his life back and he went on to become the first Welsh men’s IFBB Pro.

What made you decide to go ahead with surgery?

“My case of gynecomastia first became noticeable around 2012. It was in the changing rooms, post-rugby match where someone pointed it out and that’s when everything changed and it progressively got worse.

“Day to day, day to day is tough I won’t lie. It is a constant reminder that I am flawed, I have an imperfection that’s noticeable and it effects the things I am mostly passionate about, one being competing. I am the two times Welsh Physique Champion and I aimed for my third win last September but it was denied and I was placed second purely down to my gynecomastia being prominent on many poses.

Competing is a lifestyle, it isn’t a hobby – it is my life. I prepare five to six meals a day and train two to three times every day so the dedication required is second to none and rarely matched in any other sports. I love it, I live for it.

To come second after 12 weeks of relentless dieting, hard work, literally blood, sweat and tears because of gynecomastia mentally affected me in a big way. I stopped training, became very unhealthy in my eating and put a stop to my training. So yes, it’s had a deep mental effect on me not just physical. That’s why I needed to take action.”

My gynaecomastia recovery

“Immediately after surgery, I felt no pain whatsoever. I just thought why on earth did I wait so long to get this done.

“Six weeks after and I’m on the recovery path and feeling great. I’m looking forward to what’s ahead for me.

“I can’t be more grateful for the guys at Karidis. They’ve actually given me now the opportunity to chase my dreams. So many people hide away from their fears, doubts and uncertainty. The advice I would offer is book it and go and see someone.”

My male breast reduction surgery results

Gynecomastia Results

Dan's miraDry story

We were delighted to welcome Dan back a few years later when we could help him with another body concern: excessive sweating.

“As my close family & friends know I have struggled with Hyperhidrosis for some time.

“Going to meetings or interviews is generally a battle of not over sweating and embarrassing yourself and looking like a fool. You will also find you carry a back up top/s in your car and think it’s normal. Well it isn’t normal and yes it’s that bad.”

miraDry results

Dan researched the different treatment options and when he discovered Karidis Clinic offered miraDry, he decided to take the plunge.

“Well my fellow clammy handed, wet underarm friends I can happily confirm it’s worked. It has actually worked. I am sat here in bed giggling because I’m not sweating, my underarms are dry.

“I wish I found about this years ago. Guys and girls, professionals alike, don’t stick to putting tissue in your tops or having a spare wardrobe in your car there is a solution. I was reluctant to share my procedure but I think if I can help some of you get this embarrassing condition dealt with then so be it.”