The best of both worlds for a natural look

Hybrid breast augmentation uses breast implants along with fat transfer. From hybrid working to hybrid wearables, combining several elements gives you the pros of both sides for the perfect solution. Why does it work with breast augmentation? Well, at Kardis, it’s paramount that all our surgery is natural-looking. We also find that our patients desire a more natural look, with breasts that are ‘just right’ in size.

Hybrid breast augmentations have fast become the answer for those looking for a more natural result. Implants offer the volume, while fat grafting fine-tunes the overall shape. Do you put on weight in the wrong places? As an added bonus, you’ll get liposuction on an area of your body where you have excess fat — it’s that fat which will be transferred to your breasts in order to shape and enhance them. Sounds great? Keep reading!

What is hybrid breast augmentation surgery?

Hybrid breast augmentation, also known as composite breast augmentation, uses breast implants and fat transfer to your breasts. This allows for the shape of your breasts to be highly customised, resulting in natural-looking, enhanced breasts.

This method is particularly useful if you are slim and have very little breast tissue to cover the implants. In this case, the edges of the implants can be difficult to conceal (you may have seen bad examples of boob jobs with this problem). Not only does this look unnatural, but it would also feel awkward. Using hybrid breast augmentation will allow your surgeon to reshape your whole breast to hide the implants. And this also means that smaller implants can be used, as the fat transfer will also contribute towards the added volume. Combining implants with fat transfer is also ideal for correcting uneven breasts.

What are the benefits of combining breast implants with fat transfer?

Hybrid breast augmentation provides you with numerous benefits, including:

  • A natural look and feel
  • Permanent fat transfer
  • Excess fat from areas you’d like slimmed down — a flatter tummy and more volume in your breasts at the same time!
  • Minimal trauma to your skin with smaller implants used
  • Easier breast implant replacement in the future as your implants are lighter and smaller

The benefits of your hybrid breast augmentation at Karidis Clinic

✔ Always natural looking results: subtle, yet noticeable breast enhancement
✔ Peace of mind: our skilled surgeons are highly experienced
✔ VIP care: luxuriate with five-star consultancy and aftercare
✔ A bespoke service: we provide everything you need
✔ Combine your treatments: access to our whole team of experts

Quick Reference


2-2.5 hours

Anaesthesia used

Usually performed under general anaesthetic as this is a more comfortable experience

Hospital stay

Day case or 1 night stay

Pre-admission tests

Blood test


6 weeks


2 weeks


4 - 6 weeks

Your final result

Natural-looking breasts with enhanced volume and cleavage and a fuller breast shape


For those seeking a subtle breast enlargement or to balance uneven breasts

FAQs for hybrid breast augmentation

You’ll be considered an ideal candidate for combined breast implants with breast fat transfer if:

✔ You’d like a natural-looking result
✔ You have realistic expectations (your surgeon will tell you what to expect during an initial consultation)
✔ You’re in good mental and physical health
✔ You have the fat reserves available for liposuction

Hybrid breast augmentation works by harvesting fat from an area of your body where it’s not wanted, such as your tummy or thighs, using liposuction. Once the excess fat has been removed, it’s spun in a centrifuge to concentrate the stem cells and separate the fat cells from the blood. Then, small implants are inserted, and the fat is added to create a very natural-looking result.

Your surgeon will explain to you that all types of cosmetic surgery carry some risks. With breast augmentation, the risks can include breast implant rupture, infection or postoperative haemorrhaging. But by choosing Karidis, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your surgeon is highly skilled and experienced. You’ll also have exceptional aftercare with clear instructions on pre and postoperative care.

At Karidis, your surgeon will work to ensure that they minimise your postoperative recovery during your surgery and post-surgery by giving you instructions to follow to aid your recovery. These instructions include lying on your back for the first few weeks after surgery to prevent premature fat loss or implant malposition. Everyone is different, and it depends on what you do, but you can usually return to work after one week. You should avoid tough gym workouts for six weeks after your surgery. And you should be able to drive again after two weeks.

One of the benefits of choosing Karidis is that you will have access to a whole team of experts, so you can combine your hybrid breast augmentation with another procedure. This will decrease your overall recovery downtime. Plus, it’s also practical when you lead a busy life: you’d rather take annual leave from work in one go, or you need to plan childcare. A breast uplift is a popular procedure to combine with breast augmentation, but do ask us about any other procedures, such as those in a mummy makeover.

Your hybrid breast augmentation will require a surgeon fee, an anaesthetist fee and a hospital fee. The price also includes all of your pre-operative and post-operative care. The cost may vary depending on what you want, but we’ll give you a detailed quotation following your consultation.

For more information on what our surgical fees cover, please click here.