Unlock a more youthful, vibrant you with the lateral temporal brow lift – a rejuvenating cosmetic procedure that lifts sagging brows and revitalises your face. This minimally invasive technique has become a go-to choice for those seeking a subtle, refreshed appearance without extensive downtime. So, whether you have heaviness of the brow or have undergone a full brow lift and need a touch-up or revision procedure, a lateral temporal brow lift may help you become a brighter, more confident you.

What is lateral temporal brow lift surgery?

A lateral temporal brow lift – also known as a mini brow lift – is a minimally invasive surgery designed to revitalise your appearance.

Unlike a full facelift, it doesn’t involve many large incisions along the entire hairline. A temporal brow lift involves making a single, short incision within the hair, lifting the outer one-third of the brow and forehead. Your surgeon will then reposition the skin around your brows slightly higher up to smooth out wrinkles and help you achieve a more useful appearance. This procedure is usually performed with endoscopic or more conventional techniques and can be tailored to align with the individual requirements and objectives of every patient.

A lateral temporal brow lift stands as a favoured choice among those seeking a rejuvenated and revitalised look with minimal recovery time and scarring. While it is commonly performed on older patients, many younger patients with more hooded brows have opted for this procedure.
The results of a lateral temporal brow lift are very effective and long-lasting, and patients can also return to work within two weeks of their surgery.

What are the benefits of lateral temporal brow lift surgery?

✔ Boost your self-confidence: enjoy smoothed-out wrinkles and a refreshed appearance
✔ A natural-looking result: a committed priority at Karidis Clinic
✔ Enjoy VIP care: five-star consultancy and aftercare
✔ Combine treatments: lateral temporal brow lift with a blepharoplasty or a facelift
✔ A bespoke service: to ensure your comfort and convenience
✔ Secure your peace of mind: with your highly experienced surgeon
✔ Focus on your wellbeing: your own Patient Coach
✔ Comprehensive, transparent information: using your Karidis Clinic Patient Journey app

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45 minutes

Anaesthesia Used

General anaesthetic

Hospital Stay

Day case

Pre-Admission Tests

Blood tests, MRSA, +/- ECG 24 hours


24 hours


4-5 days


3 weeks


Sagging or drooping outer brows in women and men

FAQs for lateral temporal brow lift

A temporal brow lift is suitable for individuals who have sagging or drooping eyebrows, specifically in the outer or lateral brow area. It can be appropriate for both younger patients with mild to moderate brow concerns, as well as older patients seeking touch-up procedures after a full brow lift. Ideal candidates are generally in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the procedure.

A temporal brow lift is a cosmetic procedure that lifts and rejuvenates the outer brow and forehead. It typically involves making two small incisions – about 10mm inside the hairline – lifting and repositioning the underlying tissue and muscle to elevate the outer brows and smooth forehead wrinkles. It offers patients a more youthful and alert appearance with minimal scarring, making it a popular choice for those who want to achieve subtle, natural-looking results.

The duration of a lateral temporal brow lift surgery can vary depending on the specific technique used, the extent of the procedure and individual patient factors. Generally, a temporal brow lift typically takes around 1-2 hours to complete. However, it’s essential to consult with our qualified plastic surgeons, who can provide a more accurate estimate based on your unique needs and the complexity of the surgery.

A lateral temporal brow lift surgery is typically not very painful during the procedure itself as it’s performed under general anaesthesia. However, it’s common to experience some discomfort, swelling and bruising in the days following the surgery. That said, most of our patients find that any discomfort is manageable and subsides over a few days to a week, using over-the-counter pain medication. It’s also essential to follow our post-operative care instructions to minimise discomfort and promote proper healing.

The scarring that comes with a temporal brow lift procedure is typically minimal and well-concealed. Our surgeons will make very small incisions either within the hairline just above the temples. These incisions are strategically placed to minimise visibility and are often designed to be hidden by the hair or within the natural creases of the skin.

Over time, the scars tend to fade and become less noticeable. However, you should always follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions, which may include scar management techniques, to ensure the best possible healing and minimal scarring.

Most patients may encounter slight swelling during the initial postoperative phase, which can be alleviated by elevating the head with pillows while sleeping – for the initial week. Any bruising around the temples or eyelids will typically resolve itself within a fortnight. Normal activities, like returning to work, are usually feasible within three to five days post-surgery. Most individuals can also resume their usual routines, including going to the gym, approximately two weeks following the procedure.