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What is liposuction?

Do you have stubborn areas of fat which aren’t responding to diet or exercise? Do you need a confidence boost to gain that competitive edge? 

Male liposuction is one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK — even very toned and fit men can suffer from stubborn deposits of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Liposuction aims to create a more balanced and harmonious body contour to restore confidence and help you commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Men and women store fat differently, with women mainly accumulating subcutaneous fat on the buttocks and thighs. Men are more likely to develop excess fat on the abdomen, flanks or chest. The neck and chin are also common areas of concern for men. The loosening of muscles and loss of skin elasticity due to ageing can often result in fat accumulating under the chin or the neck. 

Liposuction can deliver a more defined and youthful-looking neck and jawline.

By choosing Karidis, you’ll benefit from being treated by a leading gynecomastia surgeon. We often perform liposuction in combination with male breast reduction surgery (gynecomastia surgery) to remove excess glandular and fatty tissue from the chest area to produce a flatter, more masculine appearance.

chest fat or gynecomastia

The importance of male patient experience

Choosing a plastic surgeon who is highly skilled and experienced in treating male patients is a must, as male fat is often encased in fibrous tissue, making it more challenging to remove. Our surgeons will also assess your skin elasticity, but thicker male skin tends to reshape better to your body’s new contours post-surgery.

Your surgeon will make several tiny incisions in the target area during your procedure. These incisions will be placed where they are least noticeable. A saline solution containing dilute local anaesthetic and adrenaline is injected to make it easier to remove the fat cells. Cannulas are then inserted, and the fat is suctioned out, leaving the fibrous tissue as undamaged as possible.

The benefits of your male liposuction at Karidis Clinic

✔ VIP treatment: luxurious facilities and a bespoke service 

✔ Improved wellbeing: our Patient Coach will support you

✔ Peace of mind: your surgeon will be the best in their field

✔ Exceptional care: your five-star consultancy and aftercare 

✔ Increased self-confidence: get back your youthful body shape

✔ The freedom to wear fitted clothes: you may have been avoiding pre-surgery

✔ Natural-looking results: as with all our surgery

Combine treatments: you have access to our whole team of experts

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30 mins - 2 hours


1 week

Anaesthesia used

General anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with sedation

Hospital Stay

Day case but can stay overnight if preferred


4-6 weeks

Final Result

6 - 9 months

Pre admission tests

Bloods & MRSA swabs


Deposits of stubborn fat on the face or body


1 week

Before and After Results

Tummy tuck with lipo to waist results

What our clients say about us

Our male liposuction surgeons

Mr Karidis is one of London’s most in-demand cosmetic surgeons and it is important for us to be able to offer you the option of another trusted surgeon, capable of producing the naturally beautiful results that are the hallmark of the Karidis Clinic.

With over 25 years’ cosmetic surgery experience, Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe has worked with our medical director Mr Karidis for many years and is the only other cosmetic surgeon Mr Karidis would trust his patients to.

What to expect from your procedure

Some key information for what to expect in the lead up to, and during your procedure can be found below. We ensure our patients have all the support they need but if you do have further questions these will be addressed at your initial consultation.

How much does male liposuction cost?

The cost of male lipo, including your hospital fees performed by Mr Alex Karidis, our Medical Director, typically costs from:

1 Area Liposuction: £9,400
2 Area Liposuction: £12,000
3 Area Liposuction: £15,100

The cost of liposuction performed by Mr Karidis’s associate fellow surgeon Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe, including your hospital fees, typically costs from:

1 Area Liposuction: £6,000
2 Area Liposuction: £7,750
3 Area Liposuction: £8,750

This is a guide price only, as each patient is unique and may require a different procedure or combination of techniques to deliver the optimal result and fulfil expectations.



Gynecomastia FAQs


Gynaecomastia is the enlargement of the glandular component of the male breast. If you suffer from this, we can transform your life through male chest reduction surgery.

Uneven chest treatment

Male tummy tuck

A male tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a surgical procedure to remove excess abdominal skin while tightening the abdominal muscles, while liposuction removes fatty tissue which has gathered in certain areas.

Asian Rhinoplasty London

Male rhinoplasty

A male nose job can create a more symmetrical and proportional nose to complement the appearance of your whole face.

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