What is male rhinoplasty?

A nose job (rhinoplasty) is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for men.

A male nose job can create a more symmetrical and proportional nose to complement the appearance of your whole face. It can also serve to correct breathing impairments and repair the effects of injury and trauma, such as a broken nose – often called a ‘boxer’s nose’.

The rise of selfies and social media posts have led men to become more critical of their facial appearance, in particular, the size and shape of their nose. Strong, masculine features are popular and the nose is central to this look.

It is important for you to be open and honest when discussing any questions you may have pre-surgery, bringing any photos of celebrity noses you like to the consultation at our London clinic. You will also be able to look at the previous work done by Mr Karidis to see what you like and all the before and after photos so you know what to expect. On average, Mr Karidis performs around 140 rhinoplasty procedures per year in London!

What are the benefits of male rhinoplasty?

Not only will a nose job reshape the nose, but in doing so, it will also enhance other facial features. For example, a large Roman nose can dominate the face, and if the bridge is straightened, the eyes will appear bigger, giving a more attractive look.

Karidis offer expert cosmetic surgery and aftercare in London, from some of the best, most highly skilled medical professionals. Our rhinoplasty before and after images highlight our exceptional results.

Quick Reference

Surgery Time

60 minutes

Anaesthesia Used


Hospital Stay


Pre Admission Test

Blood test, MRSA, +/- ECG

Up and About

Same day


7 days


5-7 days


3 weeks

Time off Work

1-2 weeks

FAQs for Male Nose Jobs (Male Rhinoplasty)

A consultation will determine whether a nose job is right for you. Your medical history will be considered and Mr Karidis will discuss with you why you are unhappy with the shape of your nose.

The surgery is performed through incisions inside the nostrils. Sometimes there are external scars(for example, when reducing nostril size or when undertaking work to the tip of the nose) but this will be explained to you during the consultation. If this is the case, the scars will be carefully tucked into the natural fold of the skin.

If you are having a bump on the bridge of the nose removed, it will be delicately chiselled away via the internal incisions.

If any breathing difficulties exist, then the septum can be altered accordingly.

Finally, the tip of the nose, made from cartilage, is adjusted in size and shape so that it matches the new profile. Sometimes this is done with internal stitches, other times a small segment of your own cartilage is used.

You will have some swelling and a plaster cast on your nose for 7-10 days afterwards. You will also have some bruising on the nose and the surrounding area – often in the form of two black eyes, which will, of course, disappear in the following weeks. For this reason, most men take a couple of weeks holiday from work to rest at home.

There is a better chance of attaining the desired end result if both the patient and the surgeon understand the underlying reasons for the surgery.

To gain a boost in confidence

Often the patient will have battled a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem for many years. It can stem from being bullied at school, but the physiological effect can remain into adult life. Unhappiness with the shape of the nose can cause many men to avoid having their photo taken, choose to sit at a certain angle, get a specific haircut, or become shy when dating and socialising.

A nose job can result in an increase in confidence and a newfound sense of freedom which can translate to sociability and even improved job performance. Many patients say a subtle change to the shape of their nose can be life-changing and something they wish they had done sooner.

A male nose job can:

  • Decrease or increase the nose size
  • Reshape a narrow or wide nose
  • Straighten a nasal hump (a Roman nose)
  • Reshape a bulbous tip
  • Correct congenital malformation (ie cleft nose)
  • Straighten the tip of the nose if it droops
  • Straighten a dip on the length of the nose

For health or medical purposes

A broken nose is a familiar injury, especially for athletes and sportsmen, whether from boxing, the impact of a ball, a collision with another player or falling from a bike. It could have also happened in a car crash, fall or another accident.

If the nose correction is as a result of injury, the male nose job isn’t always simply for appearance, but can also repair deviated septums or narrow air passages. The nasal deformity can negatively affect function and cause pain.

Some men can also suffer from sinus problems caused by the shape of their nose, leading to breathing problems, headaches and congestion. Breathing problems can make sport and exercise difficult. Snoring can be another resulting problem, which can lead to sleep apnea, sleep deprivation and relationship problems.

These problems aren’t always a result of injury – sometimes they can be caused by congenital malformation.

Whatever the cause, your nose can be fixed.

If you are considering a nose job, the cost of the surgery can be a deciding factor. As the work undertaken during the nose surgery will be specific to you and your desired look, it is impossible to have one price for everyone. It’s vital to look for the highest standard of care as a top priority.

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