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Burn fat and build muscle without stepping into the gym? You can with EMSCULPT® NEO. This is an innovative and non-invasive body contouring procedure for men and women. EMSCULPT® NEO combines two different energies to simultaneously eliminate fat and build muscle tone — without any downtime. EMSCULPT® NEO can visibly reduce fat and build muscle on your arms, thighs, calves, buttocks or stomach.

EMSCULPT® NEO is perfect for targeting a small area of stubborn fat. This is ideal for you if you’re fairly fit and near to your ideal weight, but you’re looking for extra definition that you’re struggling to achieve through diet and exercise alone. It’s also useful for those recovering from injury, as it will strengthen weakened muscles.

Over several sessions, it’s possible to visibly reduce fat by up to 30% and develop muscle mass by up to 25%. EMSCULPT’s results mean it’s become the treatment of choice for celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox and Drew Barrymore, who rely on it to get red carpet ready.

What happens during an EMSCULPT® NEO procedure?

During your EMSCULPT® NEO procedure, the EMSCULPT® NEO applicator is activated on the area of the body that you have chosen to be treated. This applicator sends radio frequencies and HIFEM and radio frequencies into the targeted area of your body causing your muscles to contract and heat up (like a warm-up exercise before a workout) and the fat to break down. The whole procedure won’t take long — approximately 30 minutes. You won’t feel any pain, just a heating sensation and muscle contractions. In fact, the machine’s manufacturer says the EMSCULPT® NEO procedure is ‘like a hot stone massage’! Multiple treatments are needed for the best result and they can be scheduled five to 10 days apart.

Up to 30% fat reduction
Increases muscle mass by up to 25%
Equivalent to 20,000 situps or squats in 30 minutes!

The benefits of your EMSCULPT® NEO treatment at Karidis Clinic

✔ Enjoy VIP care: we look after you with five-star consultancy and aftercare 

✔ A bespoke service: to meet your unique needs

✔ Secure your peace of mind: our skilled practitioners are highly experienced 

Combine treatments: a team of experts to help you achieve your goals

✔ Save time: look like you’ve been working out regularly with a personal trainer

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30 minutes per session, with minimum of four recommended

Final Result

4-6 weeks to start seeing visible results and final results at 3 months. Follow-up at 4 week & 12 weeks


Building muscle mass and reducing fat



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How much does EMSCULPT NEO cost?

Course of 4 body 1 areas £1,500.00

Course of 4 body 2 areas £2,500.00

Course of 4 body 3 areas £3,500.00

Top up treatment (already had course) £ 375.00

Single treatment £ 650.00

For more information on what our surgical fees cover, get in touch today.


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