Karidis Clinic nutritionist Yvonne Wake comments on Adele’s weight loss for Daily Mail

Karidis Clinic nutritionist

Adele’s drastic weight loss has been the topic of much debate, particularly the dramatic change in her looks. The Daily Mail recently asked leading aesthetic practitioners and nutritionists to comment on what has caused the alteration.

A calorie-controlled diet of just 1,000 calories a day has led her to shed a rumoured seven stone in a relatively short period of time, and this loss of fat has made her eyes more prominent as well as deepening the folds that appear between the nose and mouth.

As Yvonne, Wellbeing & Lifestyle Consultant Yvonne Wake at the Karidis Clinic commented, “Adele looks completely different because she has lost a lot of adipose tissue from her entire body.

“We hold on to water and our bodies are highly inflamed when we are overweight. This transformation will always show in our faces fairly quickly when we lose weight.

“Her rapid weight loss will also show out as her looking so very different, but that’s just what happens when the body starts to look after itself better. I think it suits Adele to have lost this weight, and it’s healthy for her heart if done in the right way.”

Yvonne has joined the Karidis Clinic to offer our patients invaluable support when planning their cosmetic surgery or through their recovery period, addressing many lifestyle and wellbeing issues that might be holding you back.