Mr Karidis talks all things gynaecomastia to Aesthetic Journal

Gynaecomastia covered in Aesthetic Journal

Mr Alex Karidis is renowned for his expertise and experience in treating gynaecomastia and recently sat down with Aesthetic Journal to discuss this common and oft-distressing condition.

Gynaecomastia affects 35% of men and can have a profound physical and psychological impact, so it’s not surprising that it’s become one of our most requested procedures. Towards the end of last year, male breast reduction surgery constituted 38% of the treatments we performed at the Karidis Clinic, with the average age of patients between 25 and 35.

“Due to an acceleration in men turning to aesthetics to enhance their appearance and boost their confidence over the past year,” Mr Karidis explained. “I wanted to share my knowledge concerning the condition, my take on the most effective approaches to treatment, the technique I use at my clinic as well as patient considerations for other practitioners to be aware of.”

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