Breast Enhancement Options

Breast enhancement options

Breast enhancement surgery, otherwise known as breast augmentation or commonly called a boob job, is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK. Involving the insertion of implants under the breast tissue, it can help to increase the size or alter the shape of the breasts.

There are a variety of breast enhancement options, including different types and sizes of implant. If there is considerable drooping of the breast, you can choose to have a breast uplift at the same time as a boob enhancement. There is also the alternative option of fat transfer, that might be considered a more natural way of enhancing the breast.

Find out all of your breast enhancement options below.

What is breast augmentation?

A breast augmentation involves the insertion of an implant, which is normally composed of silicone in the UK, into the breast to change the shape, texture or size. This procedure is popular with women who have always felt their breasts are too small, their breasts are asymmetrical, or that they have lost volume due to weight loss or after childbirth.

Helping to compliment your overall shape, a breast augmentation has many benefits including restoring self-confidence and self-esteem. It can only be performed once the breasts are fully developed. You will have a discussion with Mr Alex Karidis or Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe about your breast enhancement options before the procedure, taking into account your health, medical history as well as considering your body shape and your expectations.

Implants are long-lasting, but they may need replacing at some point. This can be due to issues such as capsular contracture that can develop at any point after the initial surgery. Many women seek implant replacement because their attitude and body shape has altered and they wish to increase or decrease the size of their breasts. Maybe the appearance of the breasts has changed due to lifestyle factors.

What are the different types of breast enhancement?

If you decide to undergo breast enhancement it is important that you choose an implant that you feel confident about. Our plastic surgeons can advise you on all your options including the different types of implants – whether you choose saline or silicone implants or another option such as fat transfer to the breasts. They can also advise whether a breast uplift would help give you the results you desire.

Saline breast implants:

Saline breast implants are popular in the US but are rarely used in the UK. Both types of implants have a silicone shell, but saline implants contain salt water. Saline implants are filled at the time of surgery so can be inserted through smaller incision. However, saline implants can be more prone to rippling and also more likely to rupture and deflate.

Silicone breast implants:

Silicone breast implants are the most popular choice of breast enhancement in Europe. Modern silicone breast implants have been available for over 50 years, so surgeons tend to be more experienced in performing breast surgeries with this material. The silicone gel used in these implants is believed to give a much more natural and smoother feel than the saline counterparts. Furthermore, the newer Motiva implants provide an even smoother feel that sets them apart from alternative options.

Breast uplift:

A breast augmentation procedure involving an implant will result in an expansion of the breast skin that can give breasts with mild to moderate sagging a boost. However, if there is considerable sagging of the breast tissue before the operation, then a breast uplift combined with implants, known as an augmentation mastopexy, is recommended. A breast uplift will help to tighten the skin envelope around the breast implant and will reposition the nipple, so the overall appearance is youthful and pert. Without this procedure, drooping can recur due to the effects of gravity, resulting in larger drooping breasts.

Breast reduction surgery:

It can be extremely uncomfortable for women that develop heavy, large breasts and can cause back pain, neck pain, postural problems and sometimes even breathing difficulties.

Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty, is performed when there is a requirement to reduce the size, volume, shape and weight of the breasts. It involves removing the breast fat and glandular tissue to a more desired level and can be performed alongside a breast lift for optimum results.

Fat transfer breast augmentation:

Fat transfer breast augmentation, or natural breast augmentation, uses a woman’s own fat to increase the size of the breasts. Fat transfer is sometimes the preferred alternative to implants, especially for women that would rather avoid the risks associated with implants. Fat transfer to breasts can also provide lasting results and solve the same issues of volume loss following breastfeeding or weight loss. However, fat transfer to the breasts is only suitable for some patients and can only increase breast size by a small amount and Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe can advise you on whether you’re suitable.

How to choose which breast enhancement procedure is right for me?

There are many different breast enhancement options, which is why when you attend your first consultation, your plastic surgeon will go through all the different options with you. They can then advise you on which procedure is most likely to deliver the results you’re hoping for.

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