Targeted fat removal for enhanced definition

Do you have small pockets of unwanted fat that aren’t budging despite dieting and exercising? If you have minor amounts of fat to remove, you might want to consider micro-liposuction instead of traditional liposuction. Your recovery will be quicker with micro-liposuction as you only need local anaesthetic, and it’s minimally invasive, with less scarring. So you can enjoy the instant results of liposuction but get back to your daily routine quickly. No wonder it’s so popular!

What is micro-liposuction?

Micro-liposuction (aka MicroLipo or micro-lipo) removes localised fat deposits very precisely using tiny cannulas — much smaller in size than traditional liposuction. These micro cannulas can be as small as 2mm in diameter. Micro-suction is perfect for those awkward little areas of fat you just can’t seem to shift, such as the fat under your chin or on your face, cheeks, thighs or belly pooch. If you choose micro liposuction, you’re happy with your weight — you just want to shape or enhance a stubborn area. You’ll notice the results immediately after your micro-liposuction, and as your swelling goes down, the results will continue to improve over the coming weeks.

How does micro-liposuction work?

Micro-liposuction is the most recent innovation in liposuction. With traditional liposuction, your surgeon will pass a metal tube connected to a suction pump through an incision, and then as your surgeon passes it back and forth, the fat is removed. Due to the nature of this vigorous process, there’s a lot of swelling and bruising. With micro-liposuction, your surgeon will inject the area with a tumescent local anaesthesia solution (local anaesthetic and adrenaline). A micro cannula is then inserted, and vibrations emulsify the fat for removal. Due to the micro procedure, patients can return to work after one or two days. There may be some discomfort once the anaesthetic has worn off, but this can be relieved with painkillers.

What areas can micro-lipo target fat?

Micro-liposuction is very precise and can target the following fatty areas:

After the fat has been removed, you have the option to transfer it to another area of the body, for example, fat transfer to the breasts.

MicroLipo vs traditional liposuction

One of the main differences between MicroLipo and traditional liposuction is the cannula size. Traditional liposuction uses cannulas which are large in comparison — 4 to 6mm in diameter. Whereas micro-liposuction uses tiny cannulas less than 3mm in diameter, resulting in smaller incisions and quicker recovery. MicroLipo is also used for smaller areas of the body (face, neck, arms and ankles, for example) due to the precision available with the smaller cannula and smaller incisions.

The technique used to remove the fat also differs between MicroLipo and traditional liposuction. Traditional liposuction pushes and pulls the cannula to break up the fat, whereas micro-liposuction is much less invasive, gently breaking up small pockets of fat to remove them. Again this technique means a quicker recovery time.

If you’re looking to remove large areas of fat, you’ll need traditional liposuction for maximum effect, making plans for a longer recovery time.

The benefits of your micro liposuction at Karidis Clinic

✔ Natural looking results: an integral part of our ethos
✔ VIP care: five-star consultancy and aftercare
✔ A bespoke service: we recognise that everyone’s needs are different
✔ Peace of mind: your surgeon is highly experienced and skilled
✔ Combine your treatments: access to our whole team of experts


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30 minutes - 1 hour

Anaesthesia Used

General anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with sedation

Hospital Stay

Day case but can stay overnight if preferred

Pre-Admission Tests

Blood tests, MRSA, +/- ECG


1 week


1 week


4 weeks

Your Final Result

6 - 9 months


Men and women

FAQs for micro-liposuction

There are risks with any surgical procedure, which your surgeon will run through during your initial consultation. But these risks are minimal with an experienced surgeon. And when compared to traditional liposuction, micro-liposuction is safer due to the smaller incisions and the use of local anaesthetic as opposed to general anaesthetic. Micro-liposuction is also the safest form of liposuction because surgical blood loss is reduced due to the anaesthetic solution shrinking the capillaries.

You may be able to return to work within a couple of days. Some might want to get straight back to work on your laptop! Others may need a few more days rest. We encourage you to stay mobile gently — light exercise is key — avoiding anything more than that for at least a week.

Yes, a big benefit to choosing micro-lipo is that it’s a minimally invasive fat removal procedure due to the tiny incisions made, the small cannulas used and the gentle technique. Micro-lipo gets its name from the micro cannulas, which are used to extract the fat smoothly and precisely.