Premium and personal: why we believe our patient care sets us apart

London cosmetic surgery patient care

At Karidis Clinic, our patients are at the heart of everything we do. Our plastic surgeons and other aesthetic specialists are all highly skilled, experienced and capable of delivering naturally beautiful results, but we believe the procedure is only one part of the patient care experience at Karidis Clinic.

Our promise to our patients: fully informed

Being fully informed before you make the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery or any aesthetic treatment is essential, and we follow the guidelines regarding informed consent established by the Royal College of Surgeons and General Medical Council.

During the surgical consultation, with either Mr Alex Karidis or Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe, the patient receives all the information they need to make the decision on whether to go ahead with elective surgery at this time. Beware clinics that offer consultations with patient co-ordinators or advisors – all your pre-surgery consultations should be with the plastic surgeon or practitioner that will be carrying out your procedure.

Some clinics and practitioners offer free consultations, which we know can be tempting, but we charge for the initial consultation so you can expect honest, unbiased and expert advice with no pressure to go ahead with treatment. And the consultation process does not end with this first consultation; you can return for follow-up meetings with Alex and Mark as many times as you require for up to a year after the initial consultation with no additional charge.

Our promise to our patients: holistic care

At Karidis Clinic, we have adopted a holistic approach to patient care that goes beyond a nip or tuck and offers support with diet, exercise and motivation as well as help addressing the emotional and psychological implications of cosmetic surgery.

Consultant Psychotherapist Norman Wright joins us at Karidis Clinic as part of our commitment to preparing patients for surgery as well as supporting them through the recovery process.

Norman has developed the PaPPS Initiative which stands for pre- and post-operative patient support and entails an initial three, one-to-one sessions with Norman, either at our London cosmetic surgery clinic or via Skype; the first is when you are making the decision to go ahead and the final two are after surgery to ensure that you are adjusting to the often profound changes that can occur afterwards.

Also joining us at Karidis Clinic is Yvonne Wake, a leading Nutritionist and Wellbeing and Lifestyle consultant. With over 40 years’ experience, we are delighted she has joined the Karidis team as we are dedicated to supporting our patients throughout their cosmetic surgery journey.

Yvonne has devised the Cosmetic Surgery Diet for Karidis Clinic to ensure you are in tip-top condition to undergo a procedure and sail through the recovery period, as well as help you maintain your beautiful results by making positive and long-lasting changes.

Our promise to our patients: completely supported

Supporting our surgeons and aesthetic practitioners, are our patient liaisons and co-ordinators. They assist with every stage of your patient journey; here’s one of our patient liaisons explaining what you can expect from our team.

For more information on our patient care or to arrange a consultation with Mr Alex Karidis or Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe, call us on 020 7432 8727.